What is copy?

Words. Messages. Ideas. Connections. Copy refers to the words on your websites, your blog, your social media posts and your brochures. It’s also the words that make up your ads and your video scripts and your ebooks. It’s the words you and your colleagues use to communicate with each other. It’s every word that sells, convinces, inspires, helps and serves your clients, your team and your market.

Copy is the foundation for the messages that make up your business. There is no end to the content that your business needs to communicate, to thrive and to grow. And no matter what the latest trend or the thing that “everyone” is using is, at the heart of all successful marketing is — and will always be — the the message. Without the message, you have no business.

Let’s work together. Whether you are a digital agency, a corporation, nonprofit or entrepreneur, chances are you need a copywriter. Someone needs to write marketing copy and create content for your team and your clients. Let’s discuss if I am that person.

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