Excuse Me, Have You Considered Your Audience?

your audience

The key to creating content (copy) for your website, blog, press release and everywhere else is simple: Consider your audience. You want to give your readers fresh, useful, newsworthy information that they’ll appreciate, use and remember.  Determine what topics will interest them. How do you know? Take a look around. What are others in your world, and their clients, talking … Read More

From Idea To Words To Marketing

Transforming your ideas into persuasive content is likely a critical part of your business or job. Of course….easier said than done. Here is some of my best advice in turning your bright (and maybe not-so-bright?) ideas into copy and content that work: Content is crucial. You probably already know this, but it needs to be said. Powerful – and targeted … Read More

Note to Self: Stop Writing Boring Content


Oh, sorry, I was just talking to myself. Sometimes I write boring stuff. Sometimes, it is more often than sometimes. Yes, even me. Heck, especially me. How to avoid writing boring stuff. If you’ve noticed that your content has become boring and routine, don’t just sit there hoping that “this too shall pass.”  Well, you can sit there and hope … Read More

How Long Should Our Blog Posts Be?

no magic formula

This is a question I get a lot. The first answer is that there is no one “bingo” answer. As much as experts will tell you there are rules and musts, there isn’t any one right way that excludes all the others. There is no magic formula. I say this not to scold or shame you, whether you are a … Read More