Is Print Dead?

With so much emphasis on the Internet of Things, Smart Phones, Tablets and all things digital, it might seem like flyers, postcards and brochures are antiquated notions — who bothers with paper these days? Actually….believe it or not, print is still very much alive, especially when it comes to marketing materials. Although we’ve all had to learn new ways of … Read More

What to Look for in a Ghostwriter

Ideas locked in your brain can burn as white-hot as any flame, but if you don’t have the skill it takes to bring them to life, that fire might never be fully extinguished — that’s why so many people turn to ghostwriters for their writing projects, both large and small. Hiring someone to put your thoughts into words is no … Read More

Writing Content for Social Media

Social media platforms present an interesting challenge for marketers everywhere — with over 1.3 billion active users, sites like Facebook represent a nearly limitless source of new customers. Traditional marketing tricks don’t always work in the world of social media, as these types of systems revolve around sharing and giving information, not blasting sales messages. So how do you adapt … Read More

How You Write Your Email Matters

Long gone are the days of carrier pigeons and telegrams, even printed forms of communication are becoming increasingly rare. Today, nearly everyone shares ideas via email, especially when it comes to business transactions that require a written record. Email is a perfect medium for business communication of all kinds, but not all business people know that how they write their … Read More