How to Write a Blog Post: Getting Started

There you are, sitting in front of your computer and staring at a fresh, blank document while the agitated little cursor blinks at you impatiently. You want to write a blog post, but you have never really known how — and your readers can tell. If the last time you wrote anything you were even remotely confident in was during … Read More

Why Content Is Still King In The Business World

You can’t do business without your products, employees or facilities, but words are just as important to your bottom line — that’s why content is still king in the Internet age. Amazing content tells a story about your business in a way that images never could alone. Here’s what content is really doing for you: Content Furthers Your Brand Story. … Read More

Help, We Need A Ghostwriter!

If you sat down and gave it a hard look, you would be shocked at how much written material your company generates on any given day  — from memos to speeches and marketing materials, the sheer volume is staggering. Although you may have plenty of people in-house to help write and proofread, you’re going to find yourself short handed from … Read More

How Can We Find A Writer To Come In And Teach Our Team To Write Better?

Writers are everywhere — in fact, there are so many people who think of themselves as writers that it can be hard to walk through a room without spotting a few. Unfortunately, not all of these writers are cut out for prime time and even fewer have the skill it requires to manage a successful corporate writing seminar. If it’s … Read More