The Secret Formula to Better Sales Copy

The idea that better copy means more money in your pocket has been done to death by bloggers in the copywriting industry. By now, I think you know that better copy will get you more money, but the big question on everybody’s mind is exactly what the phrase “better copy” really means. We’ve been guilty as an industry of dancing … Read More

Three Tips for More Useful Email Interactions

Emails are the business letters of the modern world, making them incredibly important communication tools both within your company and to the wide world outside your doors. Even though your best buddy may understand the encoded messages you send via the Internet, chances are much better that your business connections are struggling to get your meaning — especially if you … Read More

Writing Great Copy For Your Email Marketing Campaigns

Email marketing campaigns are one of those things that you either love or hate, and you’re more likely to hate them if you don’t really understand how to make them deliver. Even though the keys to email success aren’t exactly secret, an email campaign can seem overwhelming to the uninitiated. Start With a Plan Every great marketing campaign starts out … Read More