Battling with Slogans and Taglines

A great number of marketing campaigns start with the smallest of efforts.  Basing your marketing plan on a tagline or a slogan (or both!) can help focus your team while creating a memorable phrase customers will associate with your brand. This piece in Advertising Age does a great job of reminding us of the principles behind these long-time successful advertising tools. … Read More

Who Ya Gonna Call? Ghost Writers!

As the pressure for businesses to be online and have a social media presence mounts, you may find yourself wondering how other businesses manage the volume of content creation that’s required for content marketing.  You could certainly try to do it all yourself, amidst the rest of your commitments for your company, or you could outsource your marketing efforts to … Read More

Simple Fixes to Your Social Media Woes

Social media success is one of the Holy Grails of content marketing for businesses.  Not only do many businesses struggle to engage their audiences, they fail to understand the one basic truth behind social media: to receive, you have to give first.  This piece by The Social Ms contains some great ideas for getting your social media campaigns moving again. … Read More

Making “About” What It’s All About

I know a lot of good business owners who make horrible first impressions because they don’t understand how to market themselves. When it comes to your website, this problem multiplies when you can’t manage to toot your own horn on your “About” page. About pages have evolved from short, boring statements or worse, a list of your business hours and … Read More

Looking to Light a Fire? Try Some Marketing Gasoline

What happens once your company has launched a new app or written some awesome blog content? Is that just… it? If hitting the “publish” button is as much as you consider necessary to drive traffic and get attention, you’re missing out on some really great opportunities. Next time you’re fiddling around on social media or playing with MailChimp, give some … Read More