10 Copywriting Tips You Can Use Right Now To Boost Conversion Rates

What you don’t know about writing copy can destroy your conversion rates.  Before your next content creation effort, check out these tips for better copy from Pagewiz.com.  From telling a story to using more powerful words to convert, there’s bound to be a tip that you haven’t tried that can make all the difference.

How to Write Copy People Will Actually Read

There are several tried and true methods of increasing the readability of your online content, including breaking up paragraphs into smaller, more digestible chunks, using informational headers so scanners can skip to the parts of your content they need the most and making your content easy to understand.  ConversionXL outlines the creation of scannable copy in a way that’s easy … Read More

Master B2B Sales With Emotional Appeal

B2B buyers can be some of the hardest to close, often because they believe that many of the products they’re examining are more or less the same.  What will make your business different is adopting an all new approach.  Instead of sticking with the old formula of throwing “just the facts” at your B2B customers, try appealing to their emotions, … Read More

Consider KPIs Before Scrapping Your Content Marketing Plan

If you’re considering scrapping your content marketing plan and starting again, you might spend your time better by giving your KPIs a long, hard look.  Measuring the wrong indicators can give you the wrong picture of your efforts — even making a wildly successful marketing effort look flaccid and empty.  Read this article from Business 2 Community before you start … Read More