Increase Newsletter Open Rates, Increase Sales

Crafting a perfect newsletter means putting a great deal of effort into both educating and entertaining your audience.  If you want your readers to read on, you’ll give them some eye candy, too.  Building the perfect newsletter is worthless, though, if you can’t get your mailing list to bother to open your emails — and it takes more than just … Read More

You Need a Content Marketer Who Thinks Differently!

You can hire a content marketer who will write perfect copy or deliver digital video bliss, but unless your content marketers are thinking like entrepreneurs, you’re missing out on big picture strategy.  Content that kills should unite your audience, your business as it exists today and help your business grow into what it will be tomorrow.  This article from StrongSocial … Read More

10 Steps to Effective Website Content and Copy

Building website content and copy that’s viable in the long-haul is the goal of every copywriter.  Clickbait may get eyes on the screen, but those eyes quickly flee when they realize the headline they’ve read is only partially true (or a great big made-up lie!).  Instead of resorting to cheap tricks, you should really just try this formula laid out in SearchEngineJournal.

Copywriting Tips For Conversion

Searcing for new ways to make your old copy convert better?  Need a hand getting started with a good copywriting formula?  Then look no further than this piece from the SEMRush Blog.  You’ll find lots of help from the expert residents of the #SEOCafe.  Conversion means more money and more money is a great gauge of your ability as a copywriter.