Web Copywriting Tip Must Haves

From simplifying your language to focusing harder on your customer needs, these 10 simple web copywriting tips from StrongSocial are vital to the health of your website.  After all, have you ever bought anything from a company whose website was hard to understand or simply didn’t give you a compelling reason to buy?

Learning From Copywriting Mistakes

Being a copywriter isn’t easy, but it’s necessary — and making mistakes is a big part of the learning process.  You can’t leave your mistakes for another day, but blogs like this one from the Business 2 Community Blog can help you identify common pain points for copywriters like yourself.  Give it a read before your next round of blogging … Read More

Write Better Blog Posts Today!

Writing better content is the key to content marketing in the modern era of SEO.  There’s no big secret, it’s all about better blogs that readers actually want to read.  I’ve written on this subject plenty of times, but here’s another perspective from Digital Marketer — along with a link to some great ideas to get you started.

Smarter SEO Means Better Conversion Rates

SEO is far from an outdated strategy, you just have to work harder for it to deliver with today’s smarter search engines.  Instead of deploying lazy strategies meant to trick the algorithms, the key is to show them what you have to offer their visitors.  StrongSocial put together a great piece on just how to increase legitimate, high-quality traffic from … Read More