Marketing Tactics for SMBs

Small to medium sized businesses (SMBs) are often faced with tough choices when it comes to their marketing budgets.  They don’t have a ton to spend, but they think they need to have diversified advertising just like multi-billion dollar corporations.  Although there’s certainly value in both brand and direct marketing, Alex Banayan argues that SMBs should invest heavily in direct … Read More

There’s More to Email Than Headlines

I’ve preached the importance of a strong email headline before, but headlines are only the icing on the cake — that cake needs to be pretty good, too.  Everything that goes into your email needs to be quality and it absolutely has to be personal for your demographic.  Your audience won’t accept a generic email, they don’t want to be … Read More

Effective Content Marketing Beyond Clickbait

Clickbait headlines are more than just annoying — they’re really pretty worthless when it comes to generating real traffic that sticks around.  Good content is the key to an effective website, as Chandal Nolasco da Silva explains in this article in Search Engine Journal.  Obviously, I agree with what he has to say, but I especially like his cheerleading section … Read More

Is Great Content Still King?

As Panda and Mobilegeddon become increasingly entrenched in the thinking of content creators, SEOs everywhere are asking a simple question, “Is great content still king?”  After all, keyword stuffing had its day and now it’s gone, so there might be a way around the quality versus quantity content conundrum, too.  Contently tackled this question recently, check it out!