Month: August 2016

You’re Not Alone When the Website Words Won’t Come

Want to Make Your Site More Effective? Lower Your Bounce Rates!

Everyone wants to lower their bounce rates, but outside of A/B testing, there isn’t a lot of good advice available for businesses that run their own sites or writers who are just getting started.  Fortunately, Strong Social wrote this fantastic blog on reducing bounce rates using basic advice like adding more conversational language to your […] Read more…

Kurt Vonnegut’s Tips for Better Copywriting

If you’ve been searching for a really fantastic blog to give your copywriting a new perspective, look no further than Eddie Shleyner’s piece on Hubspot’s blog.  Eddie has managed to deconstruct Kurt Vonnegut’s essay “How to Write with Style” into a simple blog-writing guide anyone can put into action today.  This is pretty great stuff, […] Read more…

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