Improve Your Social Media Updates with a Little Humanity

There’s no better way to improve your social media than to be more social.  Even a business can be more friendly, funnier, more personal — in short, more human.  Social Media Examiner put together an awesome piece with some really spot on advice for doing just that.  Check out Matt Secrist’s blog post for ideas to humanize your business’s social … Read More

SEO, Content and Inbound: The Holy Trinity of Internet Marketing

If you ask any random business owner how to best market their website today, they may pull the letters S, E and O out of the air, or reach for content marketing, but too few really understand how the concepts of SEO, content and inbound marketing interact to create a sort of Holy Trinity of inbound marketing.  It’s not that … Read More

15 More Types of Content You Could Be Creating for Your Market

The world of content marketing is ever-changing, especially when it comes to what types of content really kill.  If you want to keep your audience’s attention, you’ve got to stay ahead of the curve and always be striving to give them exactly what they’ve been looking for.  I know that’s getting trickier with an expanding field of content channels available, … Read More