Looking for a Copywriter? 5 Questions to Ask Before Hiring Anyone

Hiring a copywriter can be a great decision, especially if you find a writer that you really seem to mesh with. However, not all copywriters are created equal. If you aren’t careful you may end up hiring someone who isn’t quite up to snuff and who doesn’t provide you with the quality content that you want. To make sure that … Read More

In-Person Networking in the Era of Social Media

In-Person Networking in the Era of Social Media

Social media is a major part of our society at the moment. As the Internet continues to evolve, the role that it plays in both our personal and professional lives is only expected to grow. Almost any professional will tell you how important it is to have a social media presence, and maintaining an active presence on Facebook, Twitter and … Read More

Are You a Freelancer or a Business Owner?

There is some contention in certain circles about the word “freelancer.” Some people gladly use the word to describe themselves, while others avoid it whenever possible. Those who make it clear that they aren’t “freelancers” often describe themselves as “business owners” or “contractors” or some similar term. There are even a few people who have completely different descriptors for themselves … Read More

7 Rules for Better Email Newsletters

Email newsletters can be very effective tools for staying in touch with workers, clients or even random website visitors. Unfortunately, bland or boring newsletters either end up being fed to the spam filter or being dropped completely. This doesn’t do you any good, and it certainly doesn’t help your company or brand. You need to pep things up, and fast. … Read More

Better Research for Better Copywriting

Research is the cornerstone of good copywriting. Unfortunately, way too many writers confuse “research” with “Google search” and use information from the first result that they come across. This can result in work that’s vague, inaccurate or biased. If this is your go-to strategy for research, you may find your work (and possibly your reputation) suffering in the long run. … Read More