Keep it real…at all costs

keep it real

What’s wrong with a lot of hype and “fantastic” claims about a product? Plenty. Pass the ‘Aunt Ethel’ test. Aunt Ethel is the proverbial simple-and-to-the-point person in your audience. If she doesn’t get what you are doing and selling, chances are that most people won’t. Ask yourself if your message is clear and compelling in a relevant and action-provoking way. … Read More

It’s not about you…never, ever, ever

It’s not about you

Know your audience and feel their pain. If you don’t truly understand the needs and challenges specific to those you are trying to reach, you will never be able to show them why you and why now. If they aren’t convinced, they will never become your customers. If you don’t ‘speak their language,’ they will never understand you. It’s not … Read More

Simplicity is a beautiful thing

Simplicity is a beautiful thing

Every word that comes from your company — whether it is on a piece of paper, on a computer screen or written across the sky, for that matter — carries with it your reputation and your customers’ (or potential customers’) perception of who you are and what you can do for them. It should go without saying that these words … Read More

E-zine or e-newsletter? (Part 2 of 2)

(Read Part 1 of this post here.) When considering adding an e-zine or e-newsletter to your marketing mix, you’ll want to focus on some key benefits. It is so important to remember that with an  enewsletter (or ezine — whichever name you prefer), you can: Give your customers useful news they can use on subjects they care about. The key … Read More

Ezine or enewsletter? (Part 1 of 2)

No matter what name you give it, a consistently good and consistently sent e-newsletter can be a phenomenal communications, P.R. and sales tool. It may be time to start thinking about what an e-zine or e-newsletter could do for your company or for your clients’ businesses. When clients ask me whether it’s time for them to add e-zines to their … Read More

Going Green With Your Marketing – Reduce, Reuse and Recycle!

Being “green” or going ‘green” is all the rage, from clothing and toys to homebuilding to food to all areas of business, so why not for your marketing writing, too? Want your marketing writing to be more efficient? Then you’ll want to start to focus on repurposing your copy: Reduce. There’s tons to read on the web right now, almost … Read More

Let’s Talk About Bullet Points

Yes, this is a blog post about bullet points! Believe it or not, these little dots can be an incredibly important part of your business copy. No matter what you’re writing – whether it’s a letter, web page, e-mail or e-newsletter – you’ve got to be sure that your reader can scan it on a screen or on paper and … Read More

Remember Brochures?

Remember when your go-to marketing strategy was to create a tri-fold brochure? Well, those days may be gone, but the brochure – when used in a targeted and effective manner – is still a valuable tool in the marketing toolbox of so many businesses. When you write a brochure for your business you have limited space to work with. Be … Read More