What Does A Copywriter Do?

Let’s start with this time-tested truth: Most busy people do not have the time or inclination to write copy for their or their clients’ marketing initiatives. Writing is just not something you can do while you are doing something else. So while you may have thought about or even looked for a copywriter, you may still wonder, “What does a … Read More

What Is Information Marketing?

Do you have something important to share? Are you an expert in areas others would like to know about as well? Did you know that your knowledge is valuable? No matter what type of business you’re in, you could be making a healthy side stream of income by sharing your information for a reasonable price. Information marketing is about creating, … Read More

What Is Content Marketing?

When people search for information online, they don’t want to be sold to. Or ambushed. Or pushed. Of course,  however, your job as someone who is part of a business is to sell. These two ideas may seem like they are at cross purposes, but content marketing can help you promote your company without being so “in your face” or … Read More

Should We Repurpose Our Content – And How?

Why re-invent the wheel? If you’ve already created content for your business – or had it created by a copywriter – you’re sitting on a goldmine of potential. Repurposing your content for other purposes is not only allowed; it’s recommended! By repurposing the content that you already have, you can quickly and easily create a larger content footprint – which … Read More

Help, We Need A Copywriter!

Sometimes, helping your client gain success with their online marketing means that you will need to provide services beyond your core offerings. Nowhere is this truer than with web copywriting. SEO consultants, graphic designers, web designers and ad agencies that often realize they need to refer their clients to a web copywriter – or partner with one – in order … Read More

Three Online Copy Mistakes I Know You Are Making

Your website can act as a 24/7 salesperson for your business – but only if your copy is working correctly. Unfortunately and for all sorts of reasons, there are far too many websites out there that simply aren’t doing their jobs as well as possible. More often than not, the culprit can be found in the words (copy) they have … Read More

Hiring A Copywriter? Key Questions To Ask

  Finding quality copywriters is no easy task. As with hiring any employee or contractor, be sure to get the facts first — from your prospective writer, as well as from the folks on your own end. Consider these questions, and you’re sure to find a talented, hard-working and dependable writer with whom you can build a productive relationship. What … Read More

Bad Writing Can Cost Corporations Big-Time

  Bad writing is more than ugly; it’s costly and bad for business. Most executives and company brass don’t stop to think about the many ways in which bad writing can be costly. Rewriting, re-printing or re-posting, and proofreading all require time, manpower and….money. Here are just a few examples of word power gone awry: Unclear instructional manuals create work … Read More