The True Value Of Good Writing In Marketing

If you’ve ever picked up a flyer with poor spelling or grammar, read a menu with questionable descriptions or watched a commercial that looked like it was filmed with an iPhone, you’ve had a jarring experience with bad marketing and bad copy in particular. Words should flow like water through a marketing campaign, they should be the affirming lullaby in … Read More

Evaluating Our Content Strategy: Where Are We Going Wrong?

Long ago, someone said that if you’d build it, they would come — but obviously they weren’t talking about your website and the general public. Unfortunately, building a site on the web isn’t all it takes to generate a buzz, you also need a content strategy. Just like with other aspects of your marketing, your website has to have a … Read More

Why Content Is Still King In The Business World

You can’t do business without your products, employees or facilities, but words are just as important to your bottom line — that’s why content is still king in the Internet age. Amazing content tells a story about your business in a way that images never could alone. Here’s what content is really doing for you: Content Furthers Your Brand Story. … Read More