Three Copywriting Tips That Will Give You Great Results

3 tips to get results

Writing content is not for everyone, but this doesn’t mean you can’t write good copy if you must. Over the years, I’ve amassed extensive experience in the field of writing, and have also talked to other copywriting experts about their own experiences. With that in mind, I present to you these three great copywriting tips: Copywriting Tip 1: Create a … Read More

In business, marketing and copywriting, you must keep up with the Joneses

keeping up with your competition

Now, more than ever, keeping up with your competitors and even your clients and target customers is not a choice…it is a MUST. Back in the day, one “evergreen” brochure or two new ads each year may have been enough, but these days that just won’t do it for you or your business anymore. In fact, just doing something like … Read More