7 Rules for Better Email Newsletters

Email newsletters can be very effective tools for staying in touch with workers, clients or even random website visitors. Unfortunately, bland or boring newsletters either end up being fed to the spam filter or being dropped completely. This doesn’t do you any good, and it certainly doesn’t help your company or brand. You need to pep things up, and fast. … Read More

E-zine or e-newsletter? (Part 2 of 2)

(Read Part 1 of this post here.) When considering adding an e-zine or e-newsletter to your marketing mix, you’ll want to focus on some key benefits. It is so important to remember that with an  enewsletter (or ezine — whichever name you prefer), you can: Give your customers useful news they can use on subjects they care about. The key … Read More

Ezine or enewsletter? (Part 1 of 2)

No matter what name you give it, a consistently good and consistently sent e-newsletter can be a phenomenal communications, P.R. and sales tool. It may be time to start thinking about what an e-zine or e-newsletter could do for your company or for your clients’ businesses. When clients ask me whether it’s time for them to add e-zines to their … Read More