Billing Questions: Should You Go Hourly, Per Project or Flat Rate?

Billing Questions- Should You Go Hourly, Per Project or Flat Rate

Figuring out billing can be one of the hardest parts of being an independent contractor. When you bid on a job, there’s always the question of how you would like to handle billing. Do you want to work hourly, or should you bill for the entire project? What about setting up a flat rate billing option? It’s a lot to … Read More

Are You a Freelancer or a Business Owner?

There is some contention in certain circles about the word “freelancer.” Some people gladly use the word to describe themselves, while others avoid it whenever possible. Those who make it clear that they aren’t “freelancers” often describe themselves as “business owners” or “contractors” or some similar term. There are even a few people who have completely different descriptors for themselves … Read More