Help, We Need A Ghostwriter!

If you sat down and gave it a hard look, you would be shocked at how much written material your company generates on any given day  — from memos to speeches and marketing materials, the sheer volume is staggering. Although you may have plenty of people in-house to help write and proofread, you’re going to find yourself short handed from … Read More

What to Look for in a Ghostwriter

Ideas locked in your brain can burn as white-hot as any flame, but if you don’t have the skill it takes to bring them to life, that fire might never be fully extinguished — that’s why so many people turn to ghostwriters for their writing projects, both large and small. Hiring someone to put your thoughts into words is no … Read More

Ghostwriting Rates: What Do Ghostwriters Charge?

Ghostwriting Rates: What Do Ghostwriters Charge?

Ghostwriting rates…they’re all over the place. But should they be? The answer is a firm: It all depends. Ghostwriting rates vary – wildly – because the writing itself requires a wide variety of skills. It includes not just writing talent, but also the ability to communicate and work together and to just about adopt the persona and voice of your … Read More