Do Copywriters Write Press Releases?

Do Copywriters Write Press Releases

Press releases are an important part of many businesses, announcing everything from changes within the company to new products that will be for sale soon. Not everyone has a knack for writing press releases, though, so you may be tempted to hire someone else to do it. The question is, where can you find a press release writer that you … Read More

Marketing Professionals: 5 Tips for Collaborating with Your Outside Copywriter

Marketing Professionals- 5 Tips for Collaborating with Your Outside Copywriter

Quality copy is a must for effective marketing, and the value of good writing cannot be understated. Sometimes that copy will be produced in-house, but increasingly we’re seeing marketing professionals outsourcing content creation to professional copywriters. This not only saves time, but it can have other benefits as well. There is one potential problem, however: How do you stay in … Read More

Ways You Can Use a Professional Copywriter


Research shows that online writers have just seconds to capture the attention of their website readers. Even if you are some who prefers to “DIY” (Do It Yourself), the safest and most efficient way to ensure that the messages you want to convey to potential customers are well written and free of errors is to hire a professional copywriter. There … Read More