And Now, Some Inspiring Quotes About Writing

Inspiration is an important part of being a writer. Whether you write fiction or ad copy, you need that spark of inspiration to get you through and ensure that each piece is the best it can be. If the well seems to run a bit dry at times, here are a few quotes about writing that might give you the … Read More

Just Because You Know How to Write Doesn’t Mean You Are a Copywriter


Some people assume that one type of writer is just as good as another; the assumption is that the primary skill of a writer is the ability to write well, so that skill should transfer pretty easily from one type of writing to another. This isn’t always the case, however. This is especially evident when you take the skills of … Read More

What Does a Discovery Process Look Like for a Copywriter?

Though it’s often seen as “just” writing, there’s a lot that goes into copywriting. Good copywriters are part writer, part marketer and part brand-building machine. They have to know the industry they work in inside and out, or have to spend enough time to do the in-depth research necessary to understand the industry so they can put everything into the … Read More

What Do Copyright, Copywriting, Copy Writing and Copy Right Have in Common?

What Do Copyright, Copywriting, Copy Writing and Copy Right Have in Common

Sometimes, similar words and terms can be confusing. This is especially the case when some of the words are related to the same general concept while others are not. One good example of this is often come across when looking for copywriting services: You may see the terms “copyright” “copywriting” “copy writing” and “copy right” and this many sound-alike terms … Read More

Better Research for Better Copywriting

Research is the cornerstone of good copywriting. Unfortunately, way too many writers confuse “research” with “Google search” and use information from the first result that they come across. This can result in work that’s vague, inaccurate or biased. If this is your go-to strategy for research, you may find your work (and possibly your reputation) suffering in the long run. … Read More

6 Ways to Generate New Content Ideas When the Well Runs Dry

6 Ways to Generate New Content Ideas When the Well Runs Dry

Chances are, most of the time you have an unbelievable number of ideas for content topics. Sure, some of them won’t work out once you start planning them out, but you’ve still a goldmine of good ideas just waiting to be tapped. Every now and then, though, you’ll wind up staring at a blank screen with no idea what you’re … Read More

Creating Your Ideal About Page

Creating Your Ideal About Page

About pages are important tools for your website that can improve search engine rankings and build your overall brand image. You can maximize the effectiveness of your About page by expanding its scope and giving it some unique flavor… while minimalist designs work well, don’t be afraid to add unique images or other content that sets the page apart. Don’t … Read More

From Idea To Words To Marketing

Transforming your ideas into persuasive content is likely a critical part of your business or job. Of course….easier said than done. Here is some of my best advice in turning your bright (and maybe not-so-bright?) ideas into copy and content that work: Content is crucial. You probably already know this, but it needs to be said. Powerful – and targeted … Read More