Better Research for Better Copywriting

Research is the cornerstone of good copywriting. Unfortunately, way too many writers confuse “research” with “Google search” and use information from the first result that they come across. This can result in work that’s vague, inaccurate or biased. If this is your go-to strategy for research, you may find your work (and possibly your reputation) suffering in the long run. … Read More

You aren’t done writing just because you are done writing

done writing

For the vast majority of people, editing and proofreading, especially when it is your own work, is not fun. Actually, it’s a pain in the you-know-what. But that doesn’t mean that good proofreading isn’t a crucial part of any marketing effort, because it is. I do my best to get others involved in the process and to make sure I … Read More

Keep it real…at all costs

keep it real

What’s wrong with a lot of hype and “fantastic” claims about a product? Plenty. Pass the ‘Aunt Ethel’ test. Aunt Ethel is the proverbial simple-and-to-the-point person in your audience. If she doesn’t get what you are doing and selling, chances are that most people won’t. Ask yourself if your message is clear and compelling in a relevant and action-provoking way. … Read More

It’s not about you…never, ever, ever

It’s not about you

Know your audience and feel their pain. If you don’t truly understand the needs and challenges specific to those you are trying to reach, you will never be able to show them why you and why now. If they aren’t convinced, they will never become your customers. If you don’t ‘speak their language,’ they will never understand you. It’s not … Read More