Make Content Smarter, Not Harder in 2017

Creating really great content is a time consuming venture, but you don’t have to do it the hard way.  Content Marketing Institute wrote this great guide to making content creation faster and more efficient, without sacrificing quality.  In fact, I suspect that some of these tricks will make your content even better than it was before!

Write Better Blog Posts Today!

Writing better content is the key to content marketing in the modern era of SEO.  There’s no big secret, it’s all about better blogs that readers actually want to read.  I’ve written on this subject plenty of times, but here’s another perspective from Digital Marketer — along with a link to some great ideas to get you started.

10 Steps to Effective Website Content and Copy

Building website content and copy that’s viable in the long-haul is the goal of every copywriter.  Clickbait may get eyes on the screen, but those eyes quickly flee when they realize the headline they’ve read is only partially true (or a great big made-up lie!).  Instead of resorting to cheap tricks, you should really just try this formula laid out in SearchEngineJournal.

Evaluating Our Content Strategy: Where Are We Going Wrong?

Long ago, someone said that if you’d build it, they would come — but obviously they weren’t talking about your website and the general public. Unfortunately, building a site on the web isn’t all it takes to generate a buzz, you also need a content strategy. Just like with other aspects of your marketing, your website has to have a … Read More