Creating Good Workplace Boundaries

Creating Good Workplace Boundaries

Whether we’re talking a lone independent contractor or a multinational corporation, businesses thrive on rules and routine. By clearly establishing what you (and others) can and can’t do, boundaries free up time and increase overall productivity. Even those working from home need to have some sort of structure to avoid distractions and procrastination. Knowing how to create good workplace boundaries … Read More

How Can We Find A Writer To Come In And Teach Our Team To Write Better?

Writers are everywhere — in fact, there are so many people who think of themselves as writers that it can be hard to walk through a room without spotting a few. Unfortunately, not all of these writers are cut out for prime time and even fewer have the skill it requires to manage a successful corporate writing seminar. If it’s … Read More

Bad Writing Can Cost Corporations Big-Time

  Bad writing is more than ugly; it’s costly and bad for business. Most executives and company brass don’t stop to think about the many ways in which bad writing can be costly. Rewriting, re-printing or re-posting, and proofreading all require time, manpower and….money. Here are just a few examples of word power gone awry: Unclear instructional manuals create work … Read More