Is Great Content Still King?

As Panda and Mobilegeddon become increasingly entrenched in the thinking of content creators, SEOs everywhere are asking a simple question, “Is great content still king?”  After all, keyword stuffing had its day and now it’s gone, so there might be a way around the quality versus quantity content conundrum, too.  Contently tackled this question recently, check it out!

Smarter SEO Means Better Conversion Rates

SEO is far from an outdated strategy, you just have to work harder for it to deliver with today’s smarter search engines.  Instead of deploying lazy strategies meant to trick the algorithms, the key is to show them what you have to offer their visitors.  StrongSocial put together a great piece on just how to increase legitimate, high-quality traffic from … Read More

10 Steps to Effective Website Content and Copy

Building website content and copy that’s viable in the long-haul is the goal of every copywriter.  Clickbait may get eyes on the screen, but those eyes quickly flee when they realize the headline they’ve read is only partially true (or a great big made-up lie!).  Instead of resorting to cheap tricks, you should really just try this formula laid out in SearchEngineJournal.

Using SEO Copy To Get More Attention

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With significant growth in the Internet today, we have the opportunity to find all sorts of written content virtually anywhere we look. And who do you think writes so much of the marketing copy we read everywhere, every day? SEO copywriters do, that’s who! SEO copywriting is the technique of writing marketing copy, or text, that reads well and is … Read More