Do Copywriters Write Press Releases?

Do Copywriters Write Press Releases

Press releases are an important part of many businesses, announcing everything from changes within the company to new products that will be for sale soon. Not everyone has a knack for writing press releases, though, so you may be tempted to hire someone else to do it. The question is, where can you find a press release writer that you … Read More

Can a Copywriter Help Me with a Tagline?

Can a Copywriter Help Me with a Tagline-

Taglines are an important part of marketing, giving you something memorable for potential customers to hold onto over time. That short little blurb or slogan can really stick with people; some taglines are still hanging around from the 20th century, and have become iconic pieces of their associated products’ identities. But how do you get a great tagline for your … Read More

What Does a Discovery Process Look Like for a Copywriter?

Though it’s often seen as “just” writing, there’s a lot that goes into copywriting. Good copywriters are part writer, part marketer and part brand-building machine. They have to know the industry they work in inside and out, or have to spend enough time to do the in-depth research necessary to understand the industry so they can put everything into the … Read More

What Are the Current Average Rates for Copywriters and Copywriting?

What Are the Current Average Rates for Copywriters and Copywriting

When looking to hire a copywriter, many people aren’t sure exactly how much they should pay. Copywriters are professionals and deserve to be treated as such, but not everyone knows how much professional copywriters charge. Whether you’re going into business as a copywriter or looking to hire one for your company, knowing the average rates for copywriting services will help … Read More

What Do Copyright, Copywriting, Copy Writing and Copy Right Have in Common?

What Do Copyright, Copywriting, Copy Writing and Copy Right Have in Common

Sometimes, similar words and terms can be confusing. This is especially the case when some of the words are related to the same general concept while others are not. One good example of this is often come across when looking for copywriting services: You may see the terms “copyright” “copywriting” “copy writing” and “copy right” and this many sound-alike terms … Read More

Is There a Difference Between a Copywriter and a Creative Writer?

Is There a Difference Between a Copywriter and a Creative Writer

Writers are writers, right? That’s the opinion that many people seem to have, assuming that all writers have the same general skill set and that one writer is more or less as good as another. This is often used to justify hiring a lower-priced creative writer to write content instead of going with a professional copywriter. The assumption is that … Read More

Why Do I Need a Professional Copywriter? Let Us Count the Ways

You may find yourself wondering whether you should hire a professional copywriter to create content for your projects. Some people balk at this idea since they assume that writing is “easy”… but once they get into the thick of things they find out that it’s a lot harder than it looks. If you’re on the fence, here are just a … Read More

Hire the Content Creators You Need When You Need Them

There’s a bit of an elephant in the content creation room that we’ve been avoiding for some time — but we really need to talk about it.  That is, there is a huge difference between the skill set of a content creator, a content editor and even other specialties like content project managers and search engine optimization specialists.  It takes … Read More