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Who needs blog management services? Most likely, you or your client has a blog. It may look really nice and it’s easy to add new blog content there. But, well, the problem is that no one has added anything new to it for two months. Six months. Maybe even a year.

Let’s face it, your blog is unattended and in sore need of proper attention.

Here’s the thing: Without new and relevant content, your blog may as well not exist. And chances are you and those you work with are too busy with your own jobs to be constantly generating new content for that blog. That’s where blog management services — including blog writing, researching, uploading and monitoring — comes in.

Blog packages and blog management services. What kind of package do you need to maintain and manage your blog? Well, that depends. We will create a customized recommendation that takes into account all of the blog management services you need to revive your blog and help get it moving full-steam ahead. Our packages are based on your monthly needs, and can be altered at any time.

Some of these blog writing and management services include:

  • Creating an editorial calendar/plan for all content
  • Researching of the news and other information related to your areas of expertise and your market, then generating topics based on what’s new and relevant
  • All coordination with you and your team on topics, “hot” news and new ideas
  • All blog post writing, proofreading and editing
  • Uploading posts to your blog site, adding images, keywords/SEO and categories
  • Managing your blog community, including monitoring comments
  • Anything else you’d need to ensure that the management of your blog is seamless, professional and ongoing.

Let’s talk more about how blog management services can get your or your client’s blog back on track so that it can do what it was meant to do.

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