And Now, Some Inspiring Quotes About Writing

Inspiration is an important part of being a writer. Whether you write fiction or ad copy, you need that spark of inspiration to get you through and ensure that each piece is the best it can be. If the well seems to run a bit dry at times, here are a few quotes about writing that might give you the … Read More

5 Tips for Working with a Copywriter in a Different Time Zone

5 Tips for Working with a Copywriter in a Different Time Zone

There are a lot of benefits to hiring a remote copywriter. Not only can it save you money in the long run, but you’re also not restricted to the talent pool within your company when looking for the best copywriter for your marketing efforts. Unfortunately, there can be a few drawbacks to working with remote writers as well. One big … Read More

Do Copywriters Write Press Releases?

Do Copywriters Write Press Releases

Press releases are an important part of many businesses, announcing everything from changes within the company to new products that will be for sale soon. Not everyone has a knack for writing press releases, though, so you may be tempted to hire someone else to do it. The question is, where can you find a press release writer that you … Read More

Can a Copywriter Help Me with a Tagline?

Can a Copywriter Help Me with a Tagline-

Taglines are an important part of marketing, giving you something memorable for potential customers to hold onto over time. That short little blurb or slogan can really stick with people; some taglines are still hanging around from the 20th century, and have become iconic pieces of their associated products’ identities. But how do you get a great tagline for your … Read More

Just Because You Know How to Write Doesn’t Mean You Are a Copywriter


Some people assume that one type of writer is just as good as another; the assumption is that the primary skill of a writer is the ability to write well, so that skill should transfer pretty easily from one type of writing to another. This isn’t always the case, however. This is especially evident when you take the skills of … Read More

5 Secrets to Hiring the Best Copywriter at a Fair Price

5 Secrets to Hiring the Best Copywriter at a Fair Price

Hiring a copywriter is a big decision. Your marketing efforts require someone with the experience and skill needed to produce quality copy, but your budget reminds you that you need to choose a copywriter carefully. Finding the balance between a quality professional and a budget-friendly rate isn’t always easy, but there are ways to make it more bearable. If you’re … Read More

What Does a Discovery Process Look Like for a Copywriter?

Though it’s often seen as “just” writing, there’s a lot that goes into copywriting. Good copywriters are part writer, part marketer and part brand-building machine. They have to know the industry they work in inside and out, or have to spend enough time to do the in-depth research necessary to understand the industry so they can put everything into the … Read More

Is Your Copywriter an Employee or Independent Contractor?

Is Your Copywriter an Employee or Independent Contractor

Hiring a copywriter can mean great things for your business. You’ll get the benefit of their professional experience and you’ll also ensure that you aren’t overworking your existing marketing team. Have you thought about exactly how you’re bringing the copywriter on, though? If you look online, you may notice that there’s a lot of talk about whether external workers like … Read More