Taglines are an important part of marketing, giving you something memorable for potential customers to hold onto over time.

That short little blurb or slogan can really stick with people; some taglines are still hanging around from the 20th century, and have become iconic pieces of their associated products’ identities. But how do you get a great tagline for your products?

If you’re drawing a blank while trying to come up with a great tagline, you may wonder if there’s someone you can turn to for help. You might even consider talking to a copywriter to see if they can help. You’ll be relieved to learn that they can, and that they’ll probably help with more than just the tagline.

What Do Copywriters Do?

While copywriters may take on a wide range of writing tasks depending on your company’s needs, the primary role of copywriters is to generate marketing copy for your company.

Most of the time, this includes both the text that appears in advertisements and other content that’s associated with your marketing campaigns. In many cases this will include taglines, since they are definitely a key part of product marketing.

Tagline Generation

In most cases, you won’t bring on a copywriter solely to work on taglines; the copywriter will likely already be working on other parts of the marketing campaign as well.

There are some cases where you might bring on a copywriter just to help with taglines, of course. The most common reasons for this would be if you’ve got a largely finished campaign that lacks effective taglines or if something has come up and you need to change your taglines at the last minute on an already-planned campaign.

When working on taglines, a copywriter may produce a number of different but related possibilities for you to choose from. The writer could also take current taglines and modify them just a bit, providing tweaks that make them much more effective. Either way, the end result typically gives you several options to choose from that are all designed to work with your marketing push.

Taglines and Marketing

While taglines are just a small part of marketing, they’re designed to have a big impact.

This is the reason that it’s so important to get help from a professional if you just can’t bring things together. A memorable tagline ensures that at least part of your marketing push stays with potential customers well after they’ve stopped being exposed to your marketing materials. Whether it’s a catchy slogan or a line in a jingle that gets stuck in their head, your tagline will establish a familiarity with your product that makes future purchases much more likely.

Bringing the Campaign Together

One reason that it’s good to have a copywriter helping with tagline development is that they can tweak other marketing copy so that it better relates to the tagline (and vice versa).

This allows for a gradual evolution of your marketing materials that blend everything together well, creating a tagline that’s a natural extension of the rest of your push. This can make the whole campaign more memorable, since potential customers will more easily associate other elements of your campaign with that catchy tagline as your campaign push continues.