When my team and I needed a top-notch corporate copywriter to edit, write and rewrite an existing website from a recently-acquired software company in the automotive space, we turned to Allison Media Group. Within a fairly short timeframe, Allison was able to understand what was needed and to get the job done efficiently and professionally. We look forward to working together again on web, print and any other marketing work requiring copywriting expertise.


B.H., Marketing + eCommerce Director

Allison did fantastic work for me! She was professional and thorough in how she handled my project and my needs. I was consistently impressed by the quality of her work and the caliber of the person she is!


J.B.D., President, Job Search/Resume Service

Allison is a wonderful writer who is able to strike an effective balance between journalistic standards and business objectives. In addition, she does an excellent job of leading her clients through a well-refined Discovery process that helps define project goals in a highly collaborative manner, which leads to a polished, on-target result.


A.W., President/SEO Marketing Firm

We hired Allison Media Group to write targeted SEO copy for hundreds of articles, blog posts and web copy all in the health and wellness arena. Over the course of several years, I found that Allison’s team, process and skillset were the perfect match for our need to put out a high volume of high-quality content. I fully recommend Allison to any organization looking for a long-term productive and positive relationship with a copywriter.


S.T., Senior Web and Innovation Specialist

Allison is an excellent blog writer and copywriter. Her expertise has enabled my company to more effectively market itself and stay ahead of the curve in the rapidly changing digital media landscape. I would highly recommend her services to anyone interested in improving their profile in today’s competitive marketplace.


P.K., President, Media Agency

Allison, I wish I could write like you to express the gratitude I have for the service you have provided. When my website leads dropped, I had two choices: add original content to my website or do “Pay Per Click.” I’m glad that I chose adding content, as it not only gave my visitors more information on what my company has to offer, but most importantly it gave me high ranking on the major search engines such as Google (I rank #1 without paying for clicks!). The process was easy, Allison is very easy and great to work with. It was like she knew my business from top to bottom, she really puts her time and efforts to describe your service in such a way that the visitors will actually want to finish reading the content. I highly recommend Allison’s copywriting to anyone who wants to see high-ranking results.


A.M., President/Owner, Travel Company

I thoroughly enjoy working with Allison, she writes beautifully, and always manages to describe my PR intent perfectly. Allison will take the message or script, word the message as requested for different media and online outlets and deliver in a manner that connects the reader with the author’s intention. Thank you, Allison, your work is greatly appreciated!


G.M., Author + Teacher

Thought I would let you know that our website is on page one of Google for THE key term [redacted]. I started posting the weekly blog posts you wrote just three weeks ago.


D.W., President, Medical Practice

Allison offers professional, dependable and creative copywriting expertise. As the owner of an advertising agency, I am comforted to know that Allison can be relied upon for both internal and client projects. Whether I am in need of basic proofreading or a complete press kit containing press releases and brochures, I can always count on Allison to deliver.


J.S., President/Owner, Ad Agency

When my company was in need of a serious facelift, as we were soon to be approaching investors, retail buyers and major media outlets, Allison Media Group came highly recommended. I must admit that I was hesitant at first because I was worried that an outside party would have a hard time capturing the passion and the excitement that needed to be conveyed. After the first meeting, though, I knew right away we were in good hands. Allison was instrumental in our success, and I would recommend her to anyone who has a need to put the words to the music.


R.R., COO, Apparel Company

I cannot thank you enough for this book. It is brilliant. I will certainly recommend it to anyone of my fellow group who wants to do their own copy. You are so down to earth and it is practical and affordable. It not only helped me with my copy but also with clarifying my target market as well.


Shirley K. – Australia

I eat this stuff up! There is nothing that Allison teaches or says that I can’t in some way and benefit from. I love that I have been able to start confidently offering my clients (I am a Virtual Assistant, or a VA) copywriting services that help build their businesses, all the while bring my own business to a great new level.


Melissa F. – Arizona, USA

Allison’s course replaced the rubber bands that were holding my business together with super glue.


C.R., Copywriter

The business process is explained. Systems and methods are openly shared. In this class, all you have to do is ask. Allison delivers. Just want to thank you again for providing such an interesting, informative and practical class. Our class clicked with me, an under earner, who now feels equipped to get going. I am starting to soar. I’ve negotiated four retainer contracts since beginning your class! That’s steady income.


M.K., Copywriter

THANKS Allison for “showing us the way” with your informative program. What I liked most was that the advice you gave was not generic, but was specific a tailored to a copywriting business. Two things I was NOT expecting were the “ready to go” templates/contracts you gave as bonuses (thanks for saving me dozens of hours!) and the great A-List guests you were able to get on the Q&A calls. Worth every penny.


D.B., Copywriter

Allison is a pleasure to work with. She just “gets it” and makes every project we do together fun and easy. Her writing is clever, clean and above all expectations. I hope to always call on her when in need.


M.B., Digital Marketing Recruiter

I have been fortunate to work with Allison on a few projects where she has written amazing scripts for our video projects. On every project she was always very creative, reliable and easy to work with. No matter what project Allison worked on, she always made us look great to our clients! We couldn’t have asked for anything more.


S.L., Marketing Agency

Allison is a master of her craft. Beyond having a passion for the written word and an impeccable talent for making words mean business, Allison is diligent, collaborative, extremely committed to a job well done the first time, and one of the best copywriters you’ll ever work with. Not only does she own a business that offers a wealth of talent, time, and care but she is now extending her mastery by teaching writing seminars that will literally transform the way business communication is done and delivered within an organization. Allison is a delight to work with, a master to learn from, and a gifted writer in a variety of mediums. You will not find anyone else who can do what she does with words.


K.V., Teacher/Business Therapist

What I like most about working with Allison Media Group is that it is easy — I trust that she will have everything quickly, professionally and to a client’s specifications. Allison concentrates not only on the creative side of copy, but also on the business and marketing aspects of it. I feel confident that when I bring Allison in, my clients are in great hands.


M.D., Designer/President, Graphic Design/Branding Firm

Allison, the bidding vendors competing against us were 20, then it came down to 3. They took a close look at our websites and they absolutely loved them. Thank you for all your great work, I’m so glad that I found you, both you and my web designer do a great job for me.


A.M., President/Owner, Travel Company

I wanted to thank you for your great effort and timely delivery of our copy for the website and brochure. I know for some, the timeline was pretty tight and I appreciate your prompt delivery. I am very happy with your great work and look forward to future opportunities to work with you.


M.A., President/CEO, Aerospace Company

I came to you to rewrite my website and to help my site get better traffic from people doing Google searches. Within one day of the new site going live, my presence on Google went from virtually none to a first page presence for such search terms as [redacted]. For some of these terms, my site is not only on the first page, it is the first site listed on Google! Plus, working with you was a real pleasure, you listened to what I wanted and were able to write some terrific copy for my site.


L.Z., Attorney/Firm Owner

Allison Media Group is my go-to company for copywriting when my own company is too overwhelmed to handle the incoming work. Her copywriting skills are top-shelf, and I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking copywriting, blog writing, SEO optimization or marketing advice.


D.D., Founder/President, PR/Media Company

Five stars! Allison Media Group continues to out-perform my expectations. Timely, creative and best of all, just all-around great people to work with. As a graphic designer running a branding company, it is important to for me to communicate with my audience not only visually, but verbally. Allison Media Group helps us and our clients to accomplish our marketing and communication goals, and has become an integral part of my business.


L.B., President/Lead Designer, Design Studio

Allison Nazarian’s Do It Yourself Copywriting book is nothing short of FANTASTIC. Just one section about taglines changed the direction of my entire business for the better. Thank you, Allison!


Tim R. – Maryland, USA

Hi Allison, My name is Felix, I ordered your “One Minute Copy Writer”; this is a simple and powerful copy-writing reference. Thanks for writing this ebook, and hope your writing business many years of success to come. I want say “I like your writing style,” it’s simple and elegant. Keep up your good works, I look forward to learn more copywriting tips from you.


Felix C. – Singapore

As a businesswoman whose first language is not English, I am most appreciative of Allison Nazarian’s copywriting books and tools. This instruction has become my favorite and most valuable resource. Allison is able to present high-level information in a simple yet very powerful way.


Nancy R. – France

I am an accountant-turned-copywriter (don’t ask!!) who has unsuccessfully, until now, sought out high-quality copywriting instruction that I can both afford and use right away. There is nothing theoretical in Allison’s work – it is all practical, implementable and in a really amazing way, always on-the-mark. Allison Nazarian is the goddess for all new and even experienced copywriters.


Robert G. – Wisconsin, USA

With so darn many people on the web offering their “expertise,” it’s difficult to know who to trust. I trust Allison. She’s a professional, through and through, and she delivers on what she promises. She’s an intelligent, talented teacher — and best of all, she’s genuine. I’m so glad to have her on my side!


L.C.S., Copywriter

We were referred to Allison and immediately began working with her. She ramped up her related industry knowledge and quickly produced great consumer and SEO-friendly content. She continues to provide high quality blog posts for us on time and within our budget.


C.F., Media Consultant

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