Workshops & Seminars

I work closely with corporations, nonprofits, associations and professional firms to create customized seminars and training for groups of five to 500. These highly interactive and personalized programs can take place on-site at your place of business or virtually via webinar.

While each program is tailored to the group and its needs, challenges and requests, some areas of focus and popular programs include:

Better Business Writing When English Is Not Your First Language

Is your team more comfortable writing and communicating in Spanish or another first language? We work closely with Latin American and other non-U.S. companies based in South Florida and beyond.

Contact Allison Media Group for more information about writing support for Spanish/English language teams.

Efficient, Effective Email Communication For The Whole Team

We all need to write emails for marketing, sales and plain-old communication. We work closely with your team to write emails that are effective, easier to understand and better received.

Contact Allison Media Group for help with planning, writing and managing email communications.

Writing For Social Media

Have you had enough of seeing that your organization’s social media accounts are rarely updated, boring and inconsistent? Let’s talk about how to get you back on track with social media content that’s well planned, highly targeted and more interactive.

Contact Allison Media Group for help with planning, writing and implementing social media content that works.

Reviving Your Dying Blog

Everyone wants one but no one has the time or personnel to write one. This will no longer be the case now that you have a simple plan to follow and a guiding vision that makes sense.

Contact Allison Media Group for blog writing and planning support and expertise.

Writing & Research For Reports, White Papers, Case Studies & Sales Sheets

All too many of us get stumped, delayed and frustrated when it comes time to write the white papers, case studies and other longer pieces we need to write for marketing or sales. Together, we can put together a plan of action to jumpstart your sales and marketing writing efforts just for these purposes.

Contact Allison Media Group for customized help and support with writing reports, white papers, case studies and/or sales sheets.

Whipping Your Online Copy Into Shape (Starting With Your Website)

Let’s not mince words… your marketing copy is a mess, huh? We’ll get back to basics, see what works and what doesn’t, weed out the bad, plan some more of the good and get back on track…all to the benefit of your marketing, sales and internal communications.

Contact Allison Media Group customized marketing support and instruction…starting with your website.

We're here to make your marketing life easier!

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