Press releases are an important part of many businesses, announcing everything from changes within the company to new products that will be for sale soon. Not everyone has a knack for writing press releases, though, so you may be tempted to hire someone else to do it. The question is, where can you find a press release writer that you can trust? You may have worked with copywriters on some of your previous marketing efforts, and might find yourself wondering if a copywriter can write your press releases as well. Some copywriters will gladly do press releases for you, but keep in mind that not all copywriters will. Do They Do Press Releases? This is a question that’s all too often overlooked… does your copywriter even do press releases? Don’t just assume that the copywriter will take the job on; be sure to ask and confirm that yes, your copywriter does do press releases. Keep in mind that this doesn’t mean you should pass everything off just yet, though. Just doing press releases isn’t necessarily enough… you also need to know if your copywriter is any good at writing them. Do They Have Experience? Some writers are willing to take on almost any job, even if the topic or format isn’t something that they’ve worked on before. The mentality here is that more work is better, and any gaps in knowledge can be filled in with an appropriate amount of research. If you want a quality press release, though, this isn’t the approach that you want your writer to take. After you’ve confirmed that your copywriter does press releases as well, ask to see samples of their past work. This will let you gauge their level of expertise, and will also clue you in if they lack notable experience writing press releases. If the copywriter you work with lacks experience, you’ll probably be better off looking for another writer to do your press releases. Be sure and let your current copywriter know that it’s ok if they don’t have experience if you do go this route, though. Reassure them that while you may look elsewhere for the press releases that you need, it won’t affect the other work that you’ve hired the copywriter to do. What Do Press Releases Cost? Do a bit of research to compare the rates of PR writers and others who are skilled at doing press releases. This will give you an idea of the average cost of getting press releases done so that you can negotiate more effectively with your writers. While different writers may charge different rates for things like press releases, doing a bit of research in advance will help ensure that you don’t lowball your writers or offer way more than the service is worth. It will also give you a general idea of how much leeway you have if you want to try and negotiate the price a bit from your copywriter’s first offer. Are Press Releases That Important? Some businesses are starting to shy away from press releases a bit, instead relying on the Internet to get the word out on new products and other information about the company. Press releases are still viable right now, though, so don’t ignore the benefits that they offer. Not only does a press release create a single reference point for information about the topic at hand, but it’s one that can be easily distributed through both print and electronic means. Some outlets that haven’t fully adopted Internet news distribution will still pick up press releases, giving your release access to readers that the Internet might not reach. Even though media is changing, press releases are still an important way of conveying information. Because of this, it’s important that you spend the time necessary to find the right writer for the job.