What is Copywriting?

Put simply, copywriting is a key part of any marketing, advertising, public relations, informational or educational efforts carried out to boost sales, attract customers or showcase a company’s – or person’s – capabilities.

Copywriters come in all shapes and sizes: web copy writers, advertising copywriters, advertising copywriters, technical copy writers, direct marketing copywriters and direct mail copy writers.

Web copy writers, one of the newer copywriting fields, comprise a specialized arena. Website copywriting is a finely honed skill aimed at pulling in readers – and buyers.

Niche website copywriting and content development and copywriting, in particular, are very focused. Here are some tips on how to write for the web.

Content is central. Powerful – and targeted – copy is what sells your product or service, not pictures or flash introductions.

  • Remember that most people simply scan websites. Clever headlines with stimulating text will grab your readers’ interest. Focused, clear and concise copy will keep them there.
  • Write only about half the amount of copy you would use in a print version. Don’t confront readers with long continuous blocks (Yawn!) of text.
  • Highlighting keywords using typeface and color variations.
  • Using meaningful sub-heads – not overly clever ones.
  • Using bulleted lists.
  • Sticking to one idea per paragraph.
  • Not letting your web content get stale. Refine and add to your site on a regular basis to keep it fresh.

Make your text easy to scan by:

Finally, look into employing an SEO copywriter who knows about copywriting websites and how to attract traffic from search engines.

Here are some other “secrets” of professional copywriters – whether writing for the web or any other medium:

  • Use headlines and use them in a powerful enough way that your prospect wants to keep reading.
  • Describe benefits your potential customer can see, hear or feel if they use your product.
  • Use testimonials and, if writing for the web, informational links. Use accounts from happy customers to convince your readers that you can be trusted to deliver a top-notch product

Any specialized writing including niche website copywriting and other specific areas call for very specific proficiencies. Direct marketing copywriters and direct mail copy writers are practiced in certain skills.

Technical copy writers, in particular, need a high degree of subject matter know-how.

Finally, Direct marketing copywriters and direct mail copy writers well know what it takes to appeal to potential buyers:

  • They choose their words creatively create to motivate buyers and conveying emotions like quality, happiness, security…whatever.
  • They encourage readers to act NOW, testing various offers to determine which one best persuades your readers to buy.
  • They know the mailing list can make or break you.
  • They’re aware that greed sells! (Would you rather have something everyone can get or something that only a very few, amazingly lucky people will be able to acquire?)

The bottom line is: Content development and copywriting is an art form. Despite the temptation to “do-it-yourself,” every area including media relations and the use of optimized press releases is best – and frequently most economically – tackled by a professional copywriter.

And the copywriting rates may well be less, and certainly more economical, than you may think.

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