What to Look For When Hiring a Copywriter

Having a reliable copywriter on-call can be vital. If you don’t have that “go-to” person on your team, what usually happens is that a critical project rears its head and you’re stuck beating the bushes to find someone at the last minute.

Sometimes you’ll succeed and sometimes you won’t (and sometimes you will get stuck with the writing!).

So get a great copywriter on board BEFORE you need one and follow these tips to guide you in working with the right copywriter:

  • Don’t settle for part-timers and moonlighters. You wouldn’t go to a moonlighting doctor, would you?
  • Ask for an information or media kit with specific facts about the writer’s background, services offered, fees, client list, samples, copies of articles and so on.
  • Ask around. Creative directors at ad agencies, graphic designers, communication managers at local businesses and members of professional associations may know someone who’s perfect for your needs.
  • Pay no mind to geography. It’s nice to work with local talent, but that shouldn’t rule your decision. Talented copywriters are all over the country. If you find a local pro, great. But put quality ahead of proximity.
  • Follow your gut. Use your brain to evaluate the information and facts you collect, but pay attention to your instincts, too, to find someone you can work with comfortably.
  • Treat a pro like a pro. Develop and maintain a good long-term relationship. True professionals are always busy and in demand, so they don’t have to put up with unprofessional behavior.
  • Provide background material. You undoubtedly have marketing plans, reports and lots of other paperwork loaded with information. Gather it up and hand it over.
  • Let your writer write. Once you work out the details, stand back and let your copywriter do what s/he does best. And never write by committee. It’s annoying and will lack the spirit and focus one good writer can pull off by working alone.
  • Give specific and frequent feedback. Saying things like, “This section needs more wow” doesn’t help. If you’re unhappy about part of the copy, tell the writer exactly what you don’t like and how you want it revised. And when you like the copy, say it. Positive feedback feeds writers egos, tells them more about your likes and dislikes and helps you get better work in the future.

Having a professional copywriter on-call is essential. A pro’s prose will help sell your products and services and make your projects – and your life – a lot easier.

So take the time to find the right writer…today.

Allison Nazarian is president and chief copywriter of Allison Media Group, a Florida-based company that helps businesses nationwide harness the power of words to sell, inform and publicize. Contact Allison here for a free copywriting consultation. 

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