There are a lot of benefits to hiring a remote copywriter.

Not only can it save you money in the long run, but you’re also not restricted to the talent pool within your company when looking for the best copywriter for your marketing efforts. Unfortunately, there can be a few drawbacks to working with remote writers as well.

One big problem that sometimes crops up is that the copywriter you select is in a different time zone than you and your business. A one-hour difference might not be so bad, but differences of multiple hours can really make collaboration difficult.

Here are some tips to remember to make working with a copywriter in a different time zone go much smoother:

  1. Ask Early

When hiring a remote copywriter, find out as quickly as possible which time zone your candidates operate in.

Make a note of each time zone, and keep track of those notes as you make your final selection. Once you’ve chosen your copywriter and are discussing basic beginning-of-project details such as communication preferences and payment options, be sure that time zone considerations are brought into the conversation as well.

  1. Set a Clock

Most modern computers and smart devices allow you to set up additional clocks to keep track of time zones other than your own.

This is a perfect way to keep track of what time it is in your copywriter’s time zone, letting you check the time with a quick glance and preventing confusion that can be caused by math errors. If you don’t have access to a second software-based clock, you might also consider buying a cheap clock and setting it to the proper time zone.

  1. Use Two Times for Meetings

When scheduling meetings or conferences, be sure to include both your native time zone and the time zone of your copywriter anytime that specific times are mentioned.

This may seem a bit cumbersome, but it can make a huge difference. This prevents possible math errors and having to keep track of times in other time zones; both you and the copywriter can simply consult your local time and make it to all of the meetings on time.

  1. Double-Check the Time

If you need to reach out to your copywriter, double-check the time before you call or send a Skype request.

You’ll probably already know which times are convenient for unexpected calls and which times aren’t acceptable; check the time and check it again to make sure that you’re in a convenient time before you call. Remind your copywriter to do the same when you’re working out the details of your communications.

  1. Be Specific with Deadlines

Make sure that your copywriter knows which time zone you’re referring to when you set deadlines, and provide times for both time zones if possible.

Deadline issues are a potentially big problem when different time zones are involved, and you’ll want to do whatever you can to avoid any deadline confusion. If deadlines do become an issue, discuss things with your copywriter as soon as possible so that you can find a solution that works well in both of your time zones.