There’s a sort of beautiful fantasy that goes with writing, in which the click, click, click of the keyboard breathes life into a magical artistic composition that leaves readers spellbound.

Behind the curtain, however, writing isn’t as otherworldly as it would seem on the surface — and that goes for your blog, too. There’s nothing truly mysterious about writing a blog, and all it takes is a little effort, organization and these top tips:

Consistency is Key. To attract blog readers, you need to focus your efforts. Post about one topic and do it on a regular schedule to create anticipation in your audience. For example, if your blog is about rubber rafts, you’re going to want to post articles about rafting, choosing the best rafts for a particular application and even rafting-related topics like the best lunches to pack for a day of rafting.

Relax Your Language. In general, blogging should be casual — you’re not addressing the President of France, you’re talking to a group of people who are probably a lot like you. Eliminate words you’d never use in conversation (unless, of course, they’re necessarily technical) and explain complicated concepts simply.

Cut to the Chase. Casual isn’t the same as rambling, so make sure you cut to the chase. Organize your thoughts and tell your readers exactly what it is you mean to tell them. Don’t bury the lede, forcing them to sort out your point from a pile of words — readers won’t go to that much effort. Instead, highlight what’s important by removing anything that’s unnecessary.

Add Something Useful. The best blogs share information, they don’t preach or try to hard sell their readers. To put it another way, your blog isn’t about you — it’s about your reader. Use it as a platform to share information they want to see, create something that will help them solve a problem they have. That doesn’t mean you can’t pimp your products, just do it gently. Your readers may well want to know about your newest line of rubber rafts and raft accessories.

If you’ve been committing mortal blogging sins, it’s not too late to change your ways. With patience and consistency, you’ll soon find your blog taking on a life of its own.