With significant growth in the Internet today, we have the opportunity to find all sorts of written content virtually anywhere we look.

And who do you think writes so much of the marketing copy we read everywhere, every day? SEO copywriters do, that’s who!

SEO copywriting is the technique of writing marketing copy, or text, that reads well and is interesting to its target market and that strategically contains keywords or phrases that the site wants optimized for better ranking.

Even SEO copy needs to be well written. Well-written copy can help websites get more attention from readers and increase visitor numbers. It can also provide valued links from owners of other sites with good reputations, something that can play a great role in ranking on the major search engines. But badly written SEO copy can result in the opposite, both bringing the site down in its readers’ eyes and placing it very low in terms of its search engine rank.

Landing pages. One great way to create successful copy is by creating a landing page on your site. That page has a lot of content and links that are optimized around specific keywords. This kind of page gathers all links in one page so that you get a lot of content in one SEO page, which can be very useful to readers who will be more likely to share it with others, increasing the popularity of your page and causing it to get more attention from the search engines.

Keep it updated and relevant. You should be sure to update your content from time to time, because over time the information becomes old. If you do not update your content, you will have a high bounce rate that will show search engines that the quality of your site is not fulfilling the requirements of a high-ranking site. This is potentially bad news for your website. You can avoid this by optimizing the copy by creating updated or new pages that the old pages can point to or simply keep adding up-to-date content.

Keywords matter, a lot. When creating SEO copy, you should not forget to use the keywords in the right place. The keywords should be used in a right way because their position matters. You will get traffic from an organic search and you will get more links. The accepted density for keywords is between 1% and 4%. Be careful though, as SEO has gets a bad rap such as in cases where people go overboard with intentional cluttering of keywords in order to get more exposure in the search engines.

Did I say remember to keep it interesting? Every website owner craves for shares and links since that is what elevates their site’s credibility. In order to get more shares via social networking sites and backlinks, you should create pages that are filled with compelling content. You should be careful to keep your language simple, as this helps more people to understand what you are trying to say, so that it will be shared more and probably give you some good links in return.