Sometimes I think I do a pretty good job at educating my clients about exactly what they get when they hire me.

Like many of you, I do branding, I do marketing, I do words — but there are a lot of things I don’t do. For all the things that copywriting is, there are a lot of things that people believe about it that simply aren’t true.

So, to help clear the air, I’d like to discuss what copywriting isn’t. Is that ok? Let’s begin.

 Copywriting is the Art of the Sale

In a few words, copywriting is the use of words to sell. These words may be in print, online, on a video voiceover or in an audio script. Unlike a salesperson who has her personal charisma, his contagious aftershave or an annoying way of standing between you and the door, a copywriter only has words. My words entice your prospect to learn more about your product.

Words may inspire, describe, explain, present declare.

They — and I as a copywriter — do not:

  • Retrieve your password. Again.
  • Perform your website analytics.
  • Do your SEO consulting.
  • Create your logo.
  • Format your materials for printing.
  • Design your websites.
  • Fix your computer.

Although I might brush up against these jobs in my daily word duty, I am far from an expert. I am not the man for the job. Trust me on this.

Straight talk here: If you can’t be bothered to hire all of the professionals you need, you may have to become your own consultant. Can you tell I don’t recommend that route?