Online marketing is a collective term that encompasses various techniques and methods to market a product or service online.

Effective marketers know that Internet marketing is more than just setting up a website, paying for PPC campaigns, using SEO and/or providing excellent products and services to online customers. One of the best tools you can use to effectively market your business is copywriting.

Copywriting is a special field of writing that takes more skills than just being able to write content. It is, in a sense, persuasive writing because writing a copy requires that you are able to compel your target audience to read from start to finish, and convince them that what you are offering is the solution to their problem.

Without great copy connected to your online marketing, at least 80% of your effort in driving traffic to your site will only go to waste. What’s the point of increasing your rankings in search engines if you’re not able to convert your site traffic to sales, and consequently, to profit?

Many businesses hire copywriters to create their website copy for them. Others go the “DIY” (Do It Yourself) route. Either way, it is crucial to keep these key points of advice in mind:

  • Know your target audience and find out what they need.
  • Create an attractive title.
  • Use “power” words.
  • Make your copy clear and easy to understand.
  • Connect with your reader, and keep them engaged.
  • Create a call to action.