Does this sound at all familiar? You’ve finally taken the plunge into social media, but with everything else you do in your day you’re finding that it’s a trick to get your updates posted regularly.

Your business still isn’t getting the kind of attention you thought you’d find in social, but what can you do differently? Just like you’d never try to do your own dental work over lunch, you shouldn’t be trying to develop your company’s social presence on your own in the sliver of time you have to spare — you need an expert!

But who knows Social? What type of person would you even call?

How about a copywriter? These writers have spent their lives honing their craft and have mastered the art of persuasion, both overt and subtle. Copywriters know social, and understand the very specific needs of your Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIN following. When you want your brand image to stay intact on social, a copywriter is who to call, and here’s why:

Copywriters will encourage conversation and connections. They’re more than just pretty faces that can write ad copy — copywriters can also persuade people to visit your social accounts and blogs without demanding that they do so against their will. A copywriter packages and sells every day, delivering a social following is only a small challenge. Once you’ve got some people to chat with, your copywriter will give them plenty to talk about to attract even more new customers.

They also know how to keep flame wars to a minimum. One big problem with social media is how many different opinions are out there. This means that you can’t just toss out assertions willy-nilly and hope to be loved. In fact, this is the very behavior that will attract trolls (people who live to make your “social life” difficult). With the careful tact your copywriter has developed in many years as a marketing guru, they’ll know instinctively what to post and what to avoid to keep the chaos at a minimum.

Building a better brand online means consistency and responsiveness. Face it, you’re a busy person. You’ve got a business to run, people to manage and orders to fill — the last thing you have time for is to post on Facebook every so many hours after digging deep for content that will inspire your fans. You can’t possibly keep up with all the comments they’re making on your page, even though they expect that you will. A copywriter understands the rhythm of Social and will keep your fans happy, engaged and coming back for more.

You don’t necessarily need a copywriter to post photos of your kids and pets on Facebook, but when you’re using social media to build your business, a few furry pictures aren’t going to cut it. Bring in a professional and you’ll find your social media efforts are quickly rewarded.