If you’ve ever picked up a flyer with poor spelling or grammar, read a menu with questionable descriptions or watched a commercial that looked like it was filmed with an iPhone, you’ve had a jarring experience with bad marketing and bad copy in particular.

Words should flow like water through a marketing campaign, they should be the affirming lullaby in the background of someone’s next major decision, assuring them that they’re doing the right thing with their money or time.


Unfortunately, too many businesses place too little value on the writing they present to the public — this is a huge mistake! Your writing is as much a part of your brand image as your well-trained employees; it represents you everywhere it goes. If it’s poorly worded, unclear or riddled with grammatical errors, people may assume that says a certain something about your business.

Good writing makes a world of difference in your marketing efforts, yielding intangible benefits like:

Building trust with your customers. Your customers want to believe that you’re at least as intelligent as they are because they rely on you to help them make the right decision on their purchase. If your marketing is poorly written, you’re going to destroy the trust you’ve built with them face-to-face. Related, consistently well-written marketing can establish a rapport with customers you’ve yet to meet.

Establishing a professional image. Whether you’re fixing cars or selling Rolexes, your customers trust that you’re a professional in your field. They trust you’ll honor your word, any warranties that you extend and that your reputation for excellence was earned. For many customers and clients, the first exposure they have to your company will be through your marketing — a polished exterior is a must-have.

Encouraging referral business. It’s not enough to just be the best in your field, you need to look good before your customers will refer their friends. After all, when they refer you to someone else, it says a thing or two about the customer, too. No customer wants to let their friends believe they’re willing to settle for a business that can’t even pull together properly executed marketing materials.

The world is changing, and it’s changing fast — there’s now a whole generation of adults who never knew a time before email and texting. Your target customers are more literate than they’ve ever been and they’re not going to let poor writing slide. Stop losing business because of your less-than-professional marketing materials and consider calling a copywriter to bring your company into the future.