The key to creating content (copy) for your website, blog, press release and everywhere else is simple: Consider your audience.

You want to give your readers fresh, useful, newsworthy information that they’ll appreciate, use and remember.

  •  Determine what topics will interest them. How do you know? Take a look around. What are others in your world, and their clients, talking and writing about? And what topics are they overlooking? If you can pinpoint info that you know your clients and prospects can use, but that others aren’t covering, so much the better.
  •  Make a list of online and offline publications that will help you stay up-to-date with the happenings in your field and be sure to read them regularly. Comment on their blogs. Share their stuff on all your social media platforms. Become an expert on all things relating to your sector and its intersection with the needs of your target market.
  •  Pay attention to the questions your clients and prospects are asking you, in person and online. Chances are, your answers will be of interest to your audience. Every one of those questions represents a chance for a new blog post or press release or newsletter article.
  •  Any news item of general interest that you can make a connection to offers a possible topic for your log, website or press release. You can also include links to top stories from your online content if there is a legitimate connection.
  • Read any good books lately? If you’ve found a good book on a business-related topic, or one that inspires you, consider writing a review of it and sharing it with your target audience. Talk about why it has meaning for you. Your readers will appreciate hearing about a book that has value for them and they will remember that you recommended it.