Transforming your ideas into persuasive content is likely a critical part of your business or job. Of course….easier said than done.

Here is some of my best advice in turning your bright (and maybe not-so-bright?) ideas into copy and content that work:

Content is crucial.

  • You probably already know this, but it needs to be said. Powerful – and targeted – copy is what sells your product or service, not fancy pictures or flashy introductions.
  • Remember that people are busy and they scan.
    Your website (or blog, or social media, or any online content) needs to be visually-pleasing and what I call “web-friendly.” Headlines, subheads, bullet points, short chunks of copy with lots of white space.
  • Talk up benefits – not product.
    This advice is as old-school as it comes. Your copy needs to describe benefits your potential customers can see, hear, feel or gain if they use your product. Your content must show that you understand their issues and describe how your product addresses those issues. Spell it out, don’t assume they get it because you get it.
  • Use testimonials and informational links.
    Happy customers are great for marketing. Also, if applicable, supply content readers with links to articles and product reviews, so they have even more compelling reasons to buy from you.
  • Search engine optimization is a must.
    Powerful web content includes keywords people use to search for your site. To give yourselves better chances for better rankings, create your web content so it’s loaded with keyword phrases and still remains engaging to read by humans. Also, you need to churn it out regularly and consistently. Yes, it’s a tall order!
  • Don’t let your content get stale.
    As with most marketing materials, it’s easy for your website content to run its course. Website content is a work in progress… it must be refined and added to on a regular basis to keep it fresh.