Being “green” or going ‘green” is all the rage, from clothing and toys to homebuilding to food to all areas of business, so why not for your marketing writing, too?

Want your marketing writing to be more efficient? Then you’ll want to start to focus on repurposing your copy:

Reduce. There’s tons to read on the web right now, almost too much for many business people to handle. How do you have your business’ voice heard? Writing distinct, short, easy-to-scan copy allows readers to really understand what you have to say (or what you’re selling), without being long-winded.

Reuse. Have something important to say? Say it more than once! If you want clients to have your message in their heads, put it there and keep it there. Blog posts can turn into informational website articles, and can be submitted to the almost infinite number of article submission sites that go out to the masses every day.

Recycle. This may seem similar to “reuse,” but recycling isn’t always about your own content. Finding information from other sources allows you to expand on subjects you’re most passionate about. Ask experts and colleagues to post guest blogs and write guest columns. Find information and ask the contributor or writer if you can re-print and it for your audience. The Internet is a great source of shared information – use it (honestly, of course) to your benefit for business success!

Let’s talk more about repurposing your content. Contact me to discuss this and other copywriting-related ideas in more depth.