Yes, this is a blog post about bullet points! Believe it or not, these little dots can be an incredibly important part of your business copy.

No matter what you’re writing – whether it’s a letter, web page, e-mail or e-newsletter – you’ve got to be sure that your reader can scan it on a screen or on paper and come away with the important points.

Today’s busy people are being bombarded with messages and are far more likely to give your copy a quick once-over than to read it word-for-word. Your goal is to get your message across quickly, effectively and simply.

Here’s what I recommend:

  • Bullet points: They can really help make the information you write scannable.
  • Numbered lists: Another great way to break up info into easily understood bites.
  • Bold face or color for emphasis: Highlighting important info will automatically draw your reader’s eye to it. (But, please, don’t overdo this one!!)

And, remember:

  • When using bullet points or numbers, keep your lists brief.
  • Begin each point with an active verb. (See what I did there?)
  • Whatever you’re writing, remember to KISS: Keep It Scannable.

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