Sometimes, helping your client gain success with their online marketing means that you will need to provide services beyond your core offerings.

Nowhere is this truer than with web copywriting. SEO consultants, graphic designers, web designers and ad agencies that often realize they need to refer their clients to a web copywriter – or partner with one – in order to get the best results.

Sound familiar? Here’s how to get started finding the copywriter who can help your clients:

1. Understand what a web copywriter can do.
Web copywriting isn’t an excuse to shove in as many keywords as possible or to take what your client provides and “polish it up.” A great web copywriter will be able to take your client’s services or products and show them off through writing in a way that will be appealing, convincing and effective. They will also be able to mix in keywords – in a natural way – that will attract search engines.

2. Have someone in your back pocket before the need arises.
Like any category of service provider, there are great web copywriters and not-so-great copywriters. Rather than risk your client project (and your reputation) on some who is untested, you should have a good copywriter in place long before you need him or her. Read their samples, ask questions, get any written agreements taken care of and get to know the person so that you’re not making a rush decision during crunch time.

3. Consider pulling in a web copywriter as a partner.
 If you’re going to be working with a web copywriter regularly, why not partner with this person or their company to provide the complete package under your banner? You don’t have to make them as a full partner in your business, but once you find a web copywriter you like working with, consider adding their services to your offerings so that you can present a stronger offering to potential clients.

What’s the takeaway here? It’s important to remember that copy is one of the most important parts of marketing, and writing copy is not something that can be done as an afterthought or while multitasking. Unfortunately, while there may be many copywriters out there, there aren’t as many great ones worthy of your clients’ work and your projects.

The right web copywriter can be a great asset to your business. Use these tips to find and keep the right ones so you can help clients together…and so that everyone wins!

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