Why re-invent the wheel? If you’ve already created content for your business – or had it created by a copywriter – you’re sitting on a goldmine of potential.

Repurposing your content for other purposes is not only allowed; it’s recommended! By repurposing the content that you already have, you can quickly and easily create a larger content footprint – which can lead to better search engine rankings and a bigger influence in your industry and beyond. You’ll also be able to reach new audiences with multiple channels, and increase your audience’s familiarity with your company.

Here’s how to repurpose content effectively:

Take a popular topic – Look over your website and blog’s performance and figure out which topics worked best for your audience. You can also focus on a topic that you feel is really interesting but didn’t get the love and attention it deserved.

Try a new content form – Blog posts can become videos, ebooks can become presentations and audio recordings can become blog posts. Other way to repurpose content include turning a series of blog posts into an ebook, turning a popular presentation into a video or posting your most popular posts as a resource center on your website. When you republish, make sure to slightly modify the content to adapt it to the medium and make it unique.

Rinse and repeat – Once you’ve repurposed once, do it again and again. If you have a really popular topic, it deserves to be published in as many formats as possible. Don’t limit yourself! You can even create new pieces of content with the goal of repurposing them to make it easier for you to use this strategy in the future.

I’m happy to talk more about repurposing your content. Contact me for a no-obligation consultation and be sure to access your free copywriting e-series.