If you sat down and gave it a hard look, you would be shocked at how much written material your company generates on any given day  — from memos to speeches and marketing materials, the sheer volume is staggering.

Although you may have plenty of people in-house to help write and proofread, you’re going to find yourself short handed from time to time. Big marketing pushes and website roll-outs can require hundreds of man hours worth of work that your team can’t always handle on its own, but hiring an extra body for these temporary situations doesn’t make a lot of sense, either.

These special projects are exactly what ghostwriters were born to do — and they don’t mind if you take all the credit. Ghostwriters can help you bridge the manpower gap from time to time, but that’s not the only trick in their bags. Because ghostwriters are trained to emulate a wide range of styles and voices, having one handy in a pinch can solve a lot of problems for your business.

Working with a Ghostwriter

Ghostwriters are like any other professional you might hire in connection with your business. And like the window washers and IT guys in your building, it’s not enough to just have your ghostwriters hanging around, you need to be able to trust and depend on them to do their jobs when they’re needed. There are a number of ways a ghostwriter can help your business, both big and small:

Producing regular blog entries. Blogs and social media are a great way to develop your business’s online presence — but they’re also tasks that are frequently ignored in favor of more pressing issues. Your favorite ghostwriter will expand your web following by keeping your blogs updated with the information your customers need.

Write books and ebooks. Your business will need bigger works from time to time, these are great assignments for ghostwriters. Whether you prefer to share your expertise in print or as a digital download, she’s got you covered.

Developing white papers. White papers can be painful drudgery to create, but they’re vital to your customers’ understanding of your products, your niche and other information specific to your industry and market. Your ghostwriter knows this and will not only explain the item in detail, she’ll make sure every item is easy to understand.

Writing speeches. Although fewer people think to put their ghostwriters to work on speeches, most have at least some training in speech writing. If you dread putting together the monthly address to your employees or a speech for a special event, why not let your ghostwriter take over this stressful job?

Whether you’re in too deep or just need a hand with your written projects, hiring a ghostwriter makes sense. She’ll happily provide you with whatever your heart desires, from basic blog posts to detailed white papers and let you take all the credit for his work. It’s a win-win situation, especially once you’ve developed a relationship with a dependable ghostwriter you can trust.