You can’t do business without your products, employees or facilities, but words are just as important to your bottom line — that’s why content is still king in the Internet age.

Amazing content tells a story about your business in a way that images never could alone. Here’s what content is really doing for you:

Content Furthers Your Brand Story. If there’s one thing a business can do to help itself in the digital age, it’s consolidating and unifying their brand stories. Every bit of content created for your business shows a little bit of its personality to the world. Your brand story, that personality your business is developing, is the best way for your customers to get to know and trust you.

Content Informs Your Customers. Without content, your customers have no idea what you’re selling, how it works or why they would want it. Content like blogs and technical documents can be strategically utilized to help answer common questions, saving your company lots of time and money, too. All that information gives you great opportunities to increase your social presence and meet even more potential customers.

Content Drives Purchases. When your customers are better educated about your product and how it fits into the world, they feel confident about making a purchase or hiring a professional. In that way, every piece of informational content you generate has the potential to become a sale — and we can all use more of those. The trick to Internet content, though, is to constantly generate something new. Without a little churn in the pool, your content becomes stale and falls out of web searches.

Content Makes an Impact. There’s a difference between telling and showing, but when you can do both at once, you’re gold. Putting your messages and business information into words on a screen creates a double impact that stays with potential customers longer — and that’s the goal. The longer you’re in mind, the more likely they are to ultimately choose your products or services.

Just like television revolutionized radio ads, the Internet has changed everything about content-driven marketing. Content’s still king, and in a big way — if you use words to explain your product and make your customers lives a little easier, your content will continue to serve you well.